Like all good holidays, it all started at 4:30 for the long drive to Gatwick. Everything was going smoothly, the car was parked and at we were at the airport for 6:38. After a very quick check in, we popped into Boots for some food for the flight (priorities).

When I left boots, my friend informed me that our gate was already closed. Immediately we started running to gate 45A only to find it completely deserted and the guy telling us our flight had probably already taken off..

Turns out Toby had read the gate wrong and it was actually 45E, and thank god they let us on the bus!

We had hired a car for the whole of our trip, which turned out to be incredibly expensive as I was under 25, but we sort of had no options left by this point. On a plus side it was a new fiesta and was incredibly fun yet, also nerve racking to drive.

The drive to Port de Pollenca turned from busy city roads into the smaller roads I had become well acquainted with on my holiday last May. In atypical fashion, we unloaded the luggage into the Air BnB, and set out for a run.

Adventures from the Beginning?

Severe lack of sleep had led me to having my first energy drink in years, approximately 10 minutes before setting out for the run, with a coffee.. I was running strong until 8 miles in when suddenly it felt like I was being attacked, enter a stitch. Normally I can run through them but my belly decided that was not the case today, and eventually I ended up walking. The less humorous part potentially, I was over 4 miles from the apartment. Luckily the sun was shining; I mean there are many worse places to have to walk home from. I did eventually pick the running back up and completed the final 2.5 miles home, with 7 missed calls from my friend who had in fact thought I had gone missing. Lesson: energy drinks do not give you wings if drank just before running.


After a great nights sleep, we both woke raring to go and collect the bikes from the Pinarello store. If there is one thing that is great about Mallorca, it’s the beautiful long climbs, with views for years. Toby, to put it lightly, is not a fan of hills, and was fully intent on going out for a flat ride. Fortunately, between the Pinarello guy and myself, we managed to convince him to go up Sa Batella, which is one of my favourite climbs on the island. I on the other hand opted for a round route, coming back up Puig Major, getting the biggy out the way on the first day.

It was at the top of Puig Major that it dauned on me that I hadn’t bought any euros with me, and I was running out of water at a rapid rate. I reached the spot near SaColabra that normally has the café, but this (unsurprisingly) wasn’t open (and I wouldn’t have been able to buy anything anyway). Luckily I soon ended up at the petrol station at the top of Sa Batella and for the bargain price of 2 euros purchased a beautiful bottle of water! You know its bad when you are considering drinking the sea water.

There is something incredibly special about cycling in Mallorca, stress free, no time limits and a warming sun, even in February. So much so that I actually over dressed for the ride.

Toby also enjoyed his ride and had already dropped his bike back to the shop before I got back to the apartment.


I was the only one who had decided to cycle on the Sunday, so after a hearty bowl of Porridge I set off on another ride. To make sure I had got in the main climbs, I had chosen to climb SaColabra and then to ride up to the lighthouse. I also feel a lot less fit since I came last year, so it was an enjoyable mental test aswell. The descent down to SaColabra was amazing. There were no coaches, and while there were a few cars, they all stopped to let me past. I saw two other cyclists riding back up but other than that I saw no one on the descent. Quick stop at the bottom for a picture and a bar, and I set off back up the climb. I have to say the temperature was absolutely perfect (I had opted for shorts and a short sleeve jersey this time). Near the top I saw 2 other guys starting the descent who gave me an Allez Allez!

As I descended back into Port de Pollenca, I was having doubts about climbing to the lighthouse, but the crazy Rachel came back into the picture and decided to do it anyway. At the bottom of the climb I rode past my friend who had randomly decided to stroll towards the climb.. At the top of the first climb I could feel my energy starting to wane, so had a Cliff Razz gel that had been donated to me. While I am not a huge fan of gels, this one was actually very tasty, too thick to have without water, but tasty like a sweet.

The lighthouse was packed as always, where every cyclist currently on the island had obviously opted to go! A family sat eating their packed lunch at the top told me they had seen me cycling the day before and thought I was mad to get back on my bike today. I was actually staring down the baguette they were demolishing, because at that point I would have murdered one myself.

The ride back was full of gels and grit, before the beautiful final descent back into Port de Pollenca. I actually got back to the apartment first and couldn’t wait to get some proper food and a glass of water. Unluckily for me I didn’t have the key so couldn’t get in. One things for sure though, it was so nice to get off of the saddle, my sore ass lasted for at least the next 24 hours!


Bike returned, I had wanted to head out for a little run before we went out exploring. My legs very much had other ideas, and I called it a day after 4 miles. Had I not been running along the most beautiful seafront, I’m not sure I would have made it that far!

We decided on a walk from Alcudia up to Ermita de la Victoria but in typical fashion, we ended up going the wrong way. That being said we had a beautiful walk along the seafront at Port D’Alcudia, before eventually heading the correct way and having another fabulous walk that way. The climb up to Ermita de la Victoria is something I will definitely be coming back to do on my road bike, a perfect warm up climb with perfect views! 14 miles later and we were back at the car, and more than ready for some dinner.


The time everyone dislikes: going home. As our flight wasn’t until 9 in the evening, we had decided to have the bikes for another day. The guys in the Pinerello store we fabulous and let us pick them up the day before, with one small change for me: a comfier saddle!

I woke up at 5:30 which sort of threw the whole day off. I had had breakfast, packed the bags and was ready to go out on the bike, the only problem it was still dark. I set off as the sun came out, but it became immediately evident I had made a foolish clothing choice. I climbed up Col D’Honor, with plans to also climb Sa Batella, but before I reached the bottom of the climb, the road was completely shut with men chopping the trees down over head, so I actually only climbed ¾ of it, still counts I think..

As I descending into Pollenca for the final time, the sun was starting to come up.

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  1. Oh Rachael, im in tears reading your blog about your adventure in Mallorca, its my happy place to escape to. There is something about Mallorca that pulls me back there. Its such a relaxing place to cycle with great roads and climbs.

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