Bad Weeks: No Matter how perfect someone’s training looks, they will definitely have one at some point.

It’s Sunday morning. I have woken up feeling like the flattest pancake. Mentally quite low, which we all know has compounding effects on our motivation for the day, including those hard training sessions that make up a solid IRONMAN training programme. I know I wasn’t feeling great as those closest to me pointed it out.

The more frustrating thing, this complete lethargic feeling didn’t disappear on Monday, or Tuesday, and by Friday I was just sat there wondering if I would feel like this for the rest of my life. I started doubting my ability to finish my next IRONMAN, and whether I would ever have a strong training session again. These are all thoughts that go through my mind when I can’t live life how I normally do.

On Wednesday I also started my new job as a personal trainer at David Lloyd. While this was incredibly exciting, it took more toll on me mentally than I realised. Having both a failed long run and a missed swimming session earlier in the week I was feeling very guilty, and constantly looking for gaps that I could use to catch the sessions back up. What actually ended up happening is missing another session, as I am still having slight issues with my hip flexors.

The weekend didn’t get much better, and luckily I was scheduled a rest day on the Sunday anyway. All weekend I was on a level 4 Strength and Conditioning course, which while it was very interesting, it was also very full on from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. Jumping, running, drills, power pressing the day away, when it came to Sunday night, unsurprisingly I was absolutely shot.

Its very easy to look back and spot the things you should have done differently, but I am at the stage now where I can begin to notice when something isn’t right. Just because someone else seems to train 24/7, have unlimited energy & motivation and never get injured, doesn’t mean you are the same. Training for 13+ hours a week is something that has to be built up. Working full time along this amount of training takes a supreme amount of planning, not only of time, but also of the silly things, like pre session snacks, packing your swimming suit and remembering a bra.

For me, when I start forgetting things, I know I’m getting tired, a tell tell sign that I perhaps need to have a rest.

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